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  • “I am so grateful to have taken Bailey’s hypnobirthing class. She is such a wonderful, generous, peaceful teacher. It was a beautiful way for me and my husband to connect before our birth. Bailey was always willing to support us even beyond what we did in the class to make sure we felt confident going into our birth. I know that everything we learned from the class helped us to have the amazing birth we always wanted. Thank you Bailey for making our experience so special.”

    Nadia Salamanca and Mikki Willis, Ojai, CA

  • “Giving birth to my first child was a harrowing experience. I labored at home for 30 hours and pushed for 12. Long story short, my dear son had a giant head and got stuck. Admittedly, I panicked and wore myself out early on. If it were not for 3 brilliant midwives, I would have certainly transferred and had a C-Section. I was so happy when it was all over but, it in the long run, it left me traumatized and fearful of having another child. When I got pregnant the second time, I decided to give Bailey’s Hypnobirthing class a try, hoping for a more positive labor experience. It made all the difference. Most importantly she taught me how to trust my body and relax. This had a profound effect on the birth of my second child. I faithfully used the Hypnobirthing techniques during labor and I am happy to report, it made for a wonderful and empowering experience. My total labor was only 5 hours and I only pushed 8 minuets. Big difference! I highly recommend this class to anyone who wishes to gain confidence in their ability to give birth naturally. Bailey herself is also impressively organized, very articulate and a source of calming energy.”


    Cassandra Jones and Mikael Jorgensen, Ojai, CA

  • “Bailey’s class provided critical tools and coaching – but more than that – her commitment to us having an amazing birth experience was powerful. She is a gifted teacher, an amazing hypnotherapist, and an incredible, critical part of any birth. We used the practices she taught from pre-labor to the moment of birth and needed absolutely no drugs. Our baby was born aware, alert, and perfect. We are so grateful we took her class and will take it again should we choose to bring another life into this world.”


    Josh Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Ojai, CA