How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is a very natural, normal, and comfortable state that every human experiences on a daily basis. The state of hypnosis is the transitional phase between sleep and alertness. In this state you are aware, but profoundly relaxed and suggestible to various messages, making it easier to modify the behaviors, actions, and beliefs that no longer serve you.

In a controlled state of hypnosis you are open to the positive suggestions I offer, but are able to consciously decide if you  want to accept or reject the suggestions. I can not place any desires, behaviors, or beliefs, that you do not wish for, in your subconscious mind. I will only provide suggestions that benefit you, and support the transformation you seek. You can choose to come out of the state of hypnosis at any time, you cannot become “stuck.”

Hypnosis empowers you to fully take charge of your internal state of being, taking the strength away from the external factors you have little control of. Hypnosis can support you in feeling a deep sense of well-being, regardless of the particular circumstance you may be facing.

How many sessions will I need?

Hypnotherapy often produces powerful results fairly quickly, but the number of sessions needed to address your issue, in a manner that suits you, will vary with each individual. While some people only need one session to resolve their issue of concern, many find the solace, wonder, and effectiveness of Hypnotherapy to be so healing they select to continue their Hypnotherapy sessions for many months, or years.

The length of time you have been experiencing your limiting belief or behavior rarely correlates with the number of sessions you will need. Numerous individuals have found resolution and peace, for issues that have been plaguing them a lifetime, in less than ten sessions.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find that Hypnotherapy not only resolves the issue you originally sought support for, but releases and clears away numerous other issues that you did not consciously realize were holding you back from your best self, and best life. This extended transformation is often so appealing many individuals select to continue their Hypnotherapy sessions well beyond the resolution of their initial issue.

How will I know if I’m in the state of hypnosis?

There is no right or wrong way to experience hypnosis. Our minds, perceptions, and emotions are all so beautifully unique, no two people will have the exact same journey during hypnosis. If you are open to this mental odyssey, and want the hypnosis to create change, you will have the wonderfully distinct experience you need.

Some people experience a heightened state of alertness during hypnosis, focused on every word I say, and able to very clearly see, hear, taste, feel, or smell the images and positive reprogramming that is being delivered. Others float into a more dreamlike state where their subconscious mind focuses on specific key words and suggestions and migrates to it’s own transformative inner world. Another common occurance during hypnosis is for the client to drift down into such a deep state of relaxation they no longer hear the words I’m saying, but are existing in a peaceful state of reverie. These are just a sampling of the common experiences encountered during hypnosis, and one is not more or less effective than the other. If you have an openness and desire for the hypnosis to manifest change, change will occur, even if you do not consciously remember a word I say, or feel that you were in a state even deeper than sleep. Regardless of what your conscious mind may be doing during hypnosis, your subconscious mind is always listening, and that is whom I, as the Hypnotherapist, am speaking to.

How will I feel after hypnosis? 

The most common sentiment I hear after a session is, “I feel like my whole being, mind, body, and spirit, just had an incredible massage.” Clients express feelings of peace, invigoration, hopefulness, happiness, a deep sense of love, and many other profound emotions after lifting out of the state of hypnosis. Many report experiencing the particular positive emotion they felt they were lacking when they first began their session, and instead of eventually dissipating, this positive emotion usually embeds itself in the person’s core.

Hypnosis often guides individuals to a lasting state of mindfulness; they’re able to quiet their racing thoughts and live in a state of harmony. They no longer feel “out of sorts” and controlled by external factors, but deeply in control of their internal environment.

When leaving the state of hypnosis, many individuals are met with an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment; the answers they seek organically come to them, and they feel secure in their strength and ability to take action.

With continued hypnosis, the mind-body connection grows stronger and the body begins to spend much less time in the stressful Sympathic sphere of the nervous system (fight-flight, elevated blood pressure, irrational thinking, “The Emergency Room,”) and learns to live in the Parasympathic sphere (peace, composure, happiness, “The Healing Room.”) Clients are in “The Healing Room” when they come out of hypnosis, and become conditioned to stay in the Healing Room the more their subconscious mind is trained to travel there. Hypnosis instills a deep sense of secure knowingness in the client, ensuring that they’re able to easily travel to their internal Healing Room, regardless of whatever difficult circumstances they may encounter.

Many people, myself included, have experienced a brand new state of being and transformed perception after leaving a hypnosis session. The world is viewed with new, and highly improved, senses.

Can I become “stuck” in hypnosis”?

No, you’re aware of who and where you are during hypnosis, and can easily communicate with me, if needed. You will not enter a depth of relaxation and suggestibility that you are not comfortable with. Ultimately, you’re always in control.

I will be closely monitoring your experience, and if, at any time I feel that you may want to separate yourself from the emotions you may be experiencing, I can gently guide you from the state of “being in” the particular image, memory, or experience, to being a calm and curious observer.

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