Initial Session

What Happens in the Initial Hypnotherapy Session?

The initial session is an opportunity for me to build rapport and comfort with you, and hear about the nature of your issue, it’s source, and what changes you wish to experience. We will spend some time getting to know one another and will discuss the fundamentals of hypnosis, and how it can help you. With the information gathered from this discourse, I will develop a structure for the sessions that is unique to your needs, and personality.

Throughout this first session we will address any questions and curiosities you may have concerning hypnosis, dispel the common myths, and ensure that you develop a sense of comfort in regards to the process and essence of hypnosis.

If you would like, the tailored hypnosis in your first session can be recorded for your continued personal use. This recording can be beneficial in supporting your continued growth between, and after, your succeeding sessions.

During this first session you will likely develop a growing sense of excitement and freedom relating to the immense and positive transformations that will begin to take place as we implement various hypnotic modalities in relation to your specific needs. This transformation will likely begin to occur in the first session, and will continue to blossom in subsequent sessions, and lifetimes to come.

The power of your mind is truly limitless. It is my intention to guide you on your journey to unlocking the awe-inspiring capabilities that exist within you, and manifesting the life of your dreams.

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