Inner Child

We all carry a piece of our childhood essence within us. Many times, this essence is exuded in a positive manner via curiosity, creativity, play, humor and wonder. But occasionally, our inner child aspect carries with it pain from the past, that our subconscious mind processes as a current known.

Our hurt inner child can be healed through specific Hypnotherapy techniques that aim to support and uplift our inner child while replacing the inner-hurt with confidence, security and happiness.

Following, is a starter list of potential behaviors, emotions and thought processes that might be connected to wounds of the past, and could be healed through Inner Child work:

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Anger
  • Lack of Self-confidence
  • Addiction
  • Grief
  • Fear of rejection
  • Hoarding
  • Weight-issues
  • Smoking

Potential benefits of healing your Inner Child:

  • Enhances your ability to experience Self Love
  • Gives you the tools to Re-Parent yourself, if needed
  • Allows you to enhance Forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Supports whole integration of your Actualized-Self
  • Creates an Inner Voice of Encouragement

Inner Child healing will not require you to relive past hurts. I will gently guide you to a sanctuary within yourself where I will support you in nurturing your inner child, releasing the past and unlocking your potential to fully live in the present.

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