Feng Shui Mommy Online Childbirth Course

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  • Would you like to create your optimal journey into motherhood?

  • Would you like to replace your fears with empowerment?

  • Would you like to be your best new self, living in your best new life, with your happy and healthy


           Welcome to Your Answer- Feng Shui Mommy Online Course



Here’s what you get:

13 Streaming Videos

13 Downloadable Checklists

13 Downloadable Relaxation Recordings

Unlimited email support from Bailey


Outline of Lessons

Resetting The Tone of Serenity

Feng Shui- Harmonizing Your Outer and Inner Worlds

Prenatal Exercise- Shower Squats and KegelsThe Nourishing Basics- What to Eat

Releasing the Fear

Planning the Baby Shower and Mother Blessing

How to Organize the Bedroom- Where the New Kind of Magic Happens

Water, Water, Water, and Oh Yeah, Water!

Birth Preferences- Planning for Positivity

What if I Have Special Circumstances? Finding Calm in the Storm

Hypnosis- Traveling Within

Prepping the Hospital Bag- Mindful Packing

Baby Proofing Through Simplifying

Prepping for a Home Birth- Sowing the Seeds of Serenity

Preserving the Precious Memories- Baby Books and Love Letters

The Journey of Birthing: Phases of Birth

Breastfeeding- Dissolving the Mystery of the Liquid Gold

Birthing Positions & Light Touch Massage

Postpartum: My Body Does What After Birth?!

Odd Yet Common Baby Care Questions: Poop Color, Spit Up, and Beyond!


Mommy Baby Bonding

Maintaining Some “Me Time”


Pregnancy Bagua Map


This bagua map is the foundation for the course- it mixes the harmony of feng shui into the magic of pregnancy and childbirth.


Oh, are you wondering what the heck a bagua map is? The bagua map (BAH-gwa) is a tool used in feng shui to learn which parts of a space correlate with particular areas of life.


My version helps you learn what areas of your life to nurture during different stages of your journey into motherhood.


You begin your journey in the watery North (1st trimester), explore the woods of the East (2nd trimester), absorb the warmth of the South (3rd trimester), then slide into the cool landscape of the West (4th trimester.)


At the center of it all is the grounding presence of the Earth, which holds the power to harmonize the light and dark moments of your journey (yin and yang.)



Feel free to contact me with any questions, BaileyGaddis@yahoo.com

Check out the Book Trailer for the Feng Shui Mommy book (coming soon!)

I received immense support in creating this course from… these guys!

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