Feng Shui Mommy Online Childbirth Course

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  • Would you like to create your optimal journey into motherhood?

  • Would you like to replace your fears with empowerment?

  • Would you like to be your best new self, living in your best new life, with your happy and healthy


           Welcome to Your Answer- Feng Shui Mommy Online Course



Here’s what you get:

13 Streaming Videos

13 Downloadable Checklists

13 Downloadable Relaxation Recordings

Unlimited email support from Bailey


Outline of Lessons

Resetting The Tone of Serenity

Feng Shui- Harmonizing Your Outer and Inner Worlds

Prenatal Exercise- Shower Squats and KegelsThe Nourishing Basics- What to Eat

Releasing the Fear

Planning the Baby Shower and Mother Blessing

How to Organize the Bedroom- Where the New Kind of Magic Happens

Water, Water, Water, and Oh Yeah, Water!

Birth Preferences- Planning for Positivity

What if I Have Special Circumstances? Finding Calm in the Storm

Hypnosis- Traveling Within

Prepping the Hospital Bag- Mindful Packing

Baby Proofing Through Simplifying

Prepping for a Home Birth- Sowing the Seeds of Serenity

Preserving the Precious Memories- Baby Books and Love Letters

The Journey of Birthing: Phases of Birth

Breastfeeding- Dissolving the Mystery of the Liquid Gold

Birthing Positions & Light Touch Massage

Postpartum: My Body Does What After Birth?!

Odd Yet Common Baby Care Questions: Poop Color, Spit Up, and Beyond!


Mommy Baby Bonding

Maintaining Some “Me Time”



Feel free to contact me with any questions, BaileyGaddis@yahoo.com

Check out the Book Trailer for the Feng Shui Mommy book (coming soon!)

I received immense support in creating this course from… these guys!

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