Past Life Regression

What if?

What if this isn’t the first time you’ve lived? What if there is a slew of knowledge, experience, and wisdom in your soul, gathered from infinite lifetimes? What if the source of your unexplainable phobia exists in a past life? What if messages from a past life could transform your current life? What if your purpose in this life is revealed in a past life? What if you could tap into that infinite spiritual history?

What if.

Past life regression is a Hypnotherapy modality that guides your subconscious to a past time, in which you may have lived. Past life regression has the potential to reconnect you with loved ones, heal current traumas, mend unexplainable wounds, release the fear of death, and elicit remarkable epiphanies. The choice to elect a past life regression therapy session is an exciting one; a choice that holds limitless possibilities, insights, and transformations.

Who Should do a Past Life Regression?

The decision to experience a past life regression is a personal one. Some choose to experience a past life regression for religious or spiritual reasons, curiosity, or a deep need to explore their core self. Many go forth with past life regression to move beyond their physical self and begin the journey of discovering their “true self.” Numerous clients, myself included, have acquired great freedom and internal knowingness through past life regression. Trivialities of the material world slip away, being replaced with a universal all-encompassing sense of peace and fulfillment.

What will I experience during a Past Life Regression session?

Every individual has unique occurrences throughout a past life regression, because no two beings have had truly identical experiences. Some enter the past life regression session with set intentions, such as discovering the source of an unexplained physical ailment, uncovering the purpose of their current life, or exploring the possibility of having traveled through past lifetimes with the loved ones in the individual’s current lifetime. Others enter the past life regression without a specific intention, but are simply curious of the experience. There is no right or wrong reason to choose to experience a past life regression session, it is a personal choice, and one that can hold miraculous insights, if you’re open to the journey.

Common reasons clients request a Past Life Regression.

  • Examination of their karmic patterns.
  • Fear of death.
  • Desire to reconnect with a loved one who has passed, that may have journeyed with the client in a past life.
  • General curiosity.
  • Quest for spiritual fulfillment.
  • Wish to heal a current physical, or psychological, ailment.
  • Desire to discover a high purpose.
  • Examine potential past sources of the dynamics of a current relationship.
  • Exploration of unexplained fascinations with a particle geographical region, culture, or skill in the client’s current   life.

The possibilities for reasons why an individual would desire a Past Life Regression are limitless, and all welcome.

Will I become “stuck” in a Past Life Regression? What if I travel through an uncomfortable experience?

You will not become stuck in a past life regression. As in traditional Hypnotherapy, you are always in control and have the decision of whether or not you would like to remain in the hypnotic state. If you move into an event you are not comfortable fully experiencing I can help guide you to a removed state, where you can observe and examine the event without being immersed in the emotions attached to it.

What occurs during a Past Life Regression session?

Most past life regression sessions take place after we’ve had a few traditional Hypnotherapy sessions together; this ensures the establishment of a comfortable rapport, a base for your knowledge in regards to hypnosis, and provides a customized hypnotic foundation on which we can build from.

The past life regression session typically lasts two to three hours; significantly longer than the typical one hour Hypnotherapy session.

Before we begin the past life regression we will discuss the presenting issues currently affecting your life, your hope for the past life regression, what you would like to explore, and what you wish to gain. I ask that you bring a list of the questions, answers, and/or issues you would like to explore so we have a solid starting off point. In addition, I recommend you bring a list of the significant people in your life, even if they have passed on, so we can develop a vision of your potential soul group, who may hold a significant role in your past life regression experience.

I will discuss the past life regression process with you so you feel prepared and comfortable with how I will guide you through this journey.

The session will be recorded for your personal use, so you can later examine and further absorb the information and insights that were procured.

After the past life regression is complete, we will reflect upon your experience, your questions, and your potential epiphanies. The reflection time will also give you the opportunity to reorient yourself with your current time and space. An abundance of insights, transformed perceptions, and powerful images will likely absorb you following the session, so it is recommended that you give yourself amble time to process.

*Please wear comfortable clothing and feel free to bring any comforting materials, such as a favorite essential oil, piece of jewelry, or gemstone that holds significant meaning for you. I recommend bringing water and a light snack that you can enjoy after the past life regression is complete.

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