View the beautiful birth video of one of Bailey’s HypnoBirthing couples. A successful VBAC home birth!


“DailyOM’s Utilizing Ancient Birthing Wisdom course, designed by Bailey Gaddis, is truly a must have and its price is something that hardly anyone else can match in terms of the value you get for the money you pay. Bailey Gaddis, the course’s founder is a mother, educator on the subject of HypnoBirthing, she is certified as a birth Doula as well as a certified Hypnotherapist. Gaddis is also the founder of the Ojai Valley Birth collective. As a mother who experienced various challenges on her way to motherhood, Gaddis devoted her life and career to helping empower other women in the hope she can help inspire them to rise above the fear of childbirth and live feeling empowered, courageous and blissful.” *Read full review here.


“Bailey, thank you for what you do and sharing this! I had a truly beautiful birthing experience because of you and your amazing program! I never dreamed the words peaceful and birth could go together, or that I would get to have such a wonderful experience GIVING BIRTH!”



“I am so grateful to have taken Bailey’s hypnobirthing class. She is such a wonderful, generous, peaceful teacher. It was a beautiful way for me and my husband to connect before our birth. Bailey was always willing to support us even beyond what we did in the class to make sure we felt confident going into our birth. I know that everything we learned from the class helped us to have the amazing birth we always wanted. Thank you Bailey for making our experience so special.”

-Nadia Salamanca and Mikki Willis, Ojai, CA


“Giving birth to my first child was a harrowing experience. I labored at home for 30 hours and pushed for 12. Long story short, my dear son had a giant head and got stuck. Admittedly, I panicked and wore myself out early on. If it were not for 3 brilliant midwives, I would have certainly transferred and had a C-Section. I was so happy when it was all over but, it in the long run, it left me traumatized and fearful of having another child. When I got pregnant the second time, I decided to give Bailey’s Hypnobirthing class a try, hoping for a more positive labor experience. It made all the difference. Most importantly she taught me how to trust my body and relax. This had a profound effect on the birth of my second child. I faithfully used the Hypnobirthing techniques during labor and I am happy to report, it made for a wonderful and empowering experience. My total labor was only 5 hours and I only pushed 8 minuets. Big difference! I highly recommend this class to anyone who wishes to gain confidence in their ability to give birth naturally. Bailey herself is also impressively organized, very articulate and a source of calming energy.”

-Cassandra Jones and Mikael Jorgensen, Ojai, CA


“Bailey’s class provided critical tools and coaching – but more than that – her commitment to us having an amazing birth experience was powerful. She is a gifted teacher, an amazing hypnotherapist, and an incredible, critical part of any birth. We used the practices she taught from pre-labor to the moment of birth and needed absolutely no drugs. Our baby was born aware, alert, and perfect. We are so grateful we took her class and will take it again should we choose to bring another life into this world.”

-Josh Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Ojai, CA


“Bailey’s online childbirth course was lovely, insightful, and entertaining! I felt liberated from my fears and prepared for my child birthing experience. Her authenticity and positive spirit shone through the videos and guided meditations. I plan to re-take the course with my next babe.”

~Natalie V., New York City


“I have been absolutely inspired by Bailey’s HypnoBirthing seminar video, blog, and her birth story on The Birth Hour. I’m nine months pregnant and for the last two years I have been very interested in the philosophy and methods of HypnoBirthing.Being this close to meeting our baby is the happiest and most confident I have ever felt about finally becoming a mother. Bailey is so well spoken and really explains the ‘gospel’ of HypnoBirthing so perfectly. If any woman I know is even remotely interested in what I’ve been preparing for, I send them her video to get the gist of it. I will probably be watching her video on my birthing day as well, haha. Thank you for putting it out there. I also look forward to reading the Feng Shui Mommy book!”

Roni E., Florida



“I feel so fortunate to have discovered Bailey Gaddis. A few months ago I was having an extremely difficult time trying to pass a professional board exam. I had reached an impasse and it was humbling and had eroded my confidence. Plus, frankly I was exhausted. I took an honest assessment and realized that it was due to anxiety. I had experienced a lot of personal loss in a short period of time and was carrying all the resulting anxiety and negativity with me into the testing center.

Bailey helped me change that. With her caring approach and healing hypnotherapy sessions I was able to literally tear away chapters of pain and anxiety, edit my past life if you will. This allowed me to freely and willfully retrieve the knowledge I always possessed, but had rid myself of it’s access. She used powerful and meaningful imagery to make all this possible. Plus, she recorded some of our sessions so that I could revisit them later. She was a blessing. And truth be told I occasionally return to those recordings of Bailey’s soothing voice for a bit of life maintenance and needed relaxation. I highly recommend Bailey Gaddis to anyone who feels they can’t move forward in life. Because I was stuck myself; then I wasn’t. And it has made a world of difference.”

-Don, Ventura, CA


“First skating lesson was today, and I am so grateful! After a break of 2 weeks I would expect to be SO much more wobbly, uncertain and braced against the ice, but I was really pretty relaxed and confident. And I know I was really bending my knees because I could feel it in my quads after a while! The fear level has decidedly reduced. The ice really did just seem less scary. And perhaps most clear was the fading of the memory of breaking the wrist.  It seems like something much much longer ago, I can’t bring up the trauma. I didn’t tell my coach about the hypnosis, but I am certain he was surprised by how well I was doing.”

Susanna Scouller, London, England


“Bailey’s hypnotherapy was like a cool drink of water on a hot day. Her loving manner and soothing voice led me to a deep relaxation. I am grateful for the experience and encourage others to enjoy it too!”

-Rowan Lommel from Yoga Potentials


“I absolutely loved the session with Bailey! I went on a day when I was really struggling in myself. I came out deeply settled and quite in love with life. The blissful feeling settled after a couple days but I could and still can access the deeply peaceful, safe and joyful place she took me to when I need it.”

-Julietta, Ojai, CA


“The peace that I found through Bailey’s class not only changed my pregnancy and birth experience, but my life as well. I feel free of the fears I didn’t even know I was harboring, and felt excitement, rather than fear, when my birthing began. I have also noticed a beautiful calmness in my baby, which I largely attribute to the calm manner in which he was brought into this world.”

-Madeline, Ventura, CA


“Can I get an ‘Ommm’ for HypnoBirthing! What a normal, natural, beautiful, happy, and healthy way to experience your pregnancy and birth journey. Bailey helped me chill out and see this extraordinary life change in a new, and brighter light. I still listen to the ‘Rainbow Relaxation’ every night with my little one.”

-Tatiana, Ventura, CA

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